Analysis Of The Movie ' The Chateau Fight ' Essay

725 Words Dec 13th, 2016 3 Pages
I have always been a huge fan of The Matrix so the chance to review it made me instantly jump on the chance to. While watching the Chateau Fight, I saw how the Wachowskis implemented many audio elements to create an awesome fight scene that ranks above many others. Sound is purposeful and if organized correctly adds a range of emotions as it fits towards the overall picture. In this follow up to the classic Matrix, Neo finds himself in the middle of things as the Sentinels are reaching Zion. As the clip progressed I saw the audio elements that are worth breaking down for education on the film process.
As opening clip of the movie progresses, it is obvious that the nonliteral sound is prevalent with the dramatic undertone music that emits through the speaker as soon as the fight commences. This background music automatically allows the viewer to know the fight is going to start and to be ready for suspense. There is also literal sound in the scene as well and adds the most presence during fighting. When the music stops at 1:28 while Neo starts to bleed it again alters the mood as the suspense reaches a climax. Most of the literal sound is connected meaning you see the sound producing source such as things breaking, the swing of the blade, doors opening/closing, and the thud of human body parts hitting the ground or each other. Source disconnected sounds are also prevalent with it producing sounds that are heard but not sure where it is coming from. An example of…

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