Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' The American Dream '

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eam in Every Soldier
The American Dream is the philosophy that everyone deserves equal opportunities to succeed through hard work and perseverance. There comes a time when this philosophy is threatened by other nations. During WWII the Imperial Japanese empire wanted to take over Asia, and they saw the US as the only ones in their way. After the battle of Midway the tides had turned and the US began to win the war. They began the long offensive island hopping campaign to get to Japan. In Flags of Our Fathers, by James Bradley, Marines storm the island of Iwo Jima to protect America’s ideals and to stop the threat of Japan. Fueled by the freedom and liberty he had enjoyed, ‘Doc’ Bradley risked his life to protect and make sure that he and those back home could enjoy the same aspects of the American Dream that he had known, and he did not want fame, just the opportunity to work toward his own dream. Doc Bradley was a Navy Corpsman that was assigned to the Marines (Bradley). He joined the war to protect the US and defeat those who tried to destroy the American way of life, just as other Americans had. It was not just soldiers that fought for the American Dream; men, women, and children all knew that had to work hard and take risks to protect their futures and their happiness.
And it had not been a matter of hardware. The civilians of America have mobilized behind these fighting boys. Behind each man on board the ships are are hundreds of workers: in the factories, in the…

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