Analysis Of The Movie ' Night ' Essay

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I am going to go ahead and warn you this might be a little boring considering I haven 't had any long-term relationships. This has been sad, but at least my wallet is full! But I will still try! The last (almost) relationship I had been actually right at the beginning of this semester of Abac. I really wanted to go to this movie night thing, but none of my friends here could go. So I posted on facebook in a call of distress “who is going to movie night”? After about five brutal minutes of thinking I would be flying solo I got one like, so I was like turn up! I checked it and it was a girl named Hannah from Douglas where I am from! I knew her, but we had never hung out, but I called her up and we went together. We had a really good time and at the moment I thought of us as just cool friends. We started hanging out a lot, it was fun but I never really had just a girl that was a friend. And between me and you I never really found her attractive at all through my high school career and the first few times we hung out at college. But after the third or fourth date all of a sudden I found her really attractive, and really started trying to make it a relationship. I think it was her fun attitude and similar beliefs. So the next time we hung out I invited her to the movies, and when we sit down and after we eat are popcorn I go “ Hey Hannah that a cool ring you have can I see it?”. She said sure and stuck her hand out, and before she was able to say another word I got some hand…

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