Analysis Of The Movie ' New Girl ' Essay

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New Girl Isn’t So “New” Afterall
When hearing about a TV sitcom titled New Girl, one would anticipate a display of humorous female-centric roles. After all, the word “Girl” is in the title, and therefore it would be expected that the strongest story arcs and humor would come from the “Girl” herself. The leading role played by Zooey Deschanel, Jess, is mostly described by audiences as “adorkable” because she is dorky and weird, but cute at the same time. In relation to this idea that women can’t be simply “funny” without a feminine approach, Jolles states that “women are expected to simultaneously express themselves and manage a normative gender performance.” (45) This concept is easily seen when comparing Jess to her male ensemble, who perform comedically without “cuteness” having to hold them back from the extreme expressions that come with comedy. This is not to say that women in comedy aren’t allowed to be cute or attractive, but when good looks become a necessary component of an actress’s brand, she is only holding back from the progression of a woman’s ability to be a comic, without some sort of catch. This essay will prove that Jess is unable to be as humorous as her male counterparts, due to the fact that she must maintain the traditional female gender role of attractiveness while simultaneously being comedic. Revising this “adorkable” aspect of the female character in a feminist manner without sacrificing the show’s comedy could be accomplished by…

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