Analysis Of The Movie ' Maria Rose Luna ' Essay

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Maria Rose Luna Henson grew up very poor in a town called Pampanga. Her parents were Julia Luna and Don Pepe Henson; Julia was a worker for Don and his wife Dona. Julia worked for the family because her parents were very poor and Don said that Julia could make money for their family. When Julia went away to make the money for her family, Don gave her grandfather, Alberto Luna the money in advance so their family could get ahead and fix their house which was falling apart and in shambles.
When Julia went to Don’s house, that’s when everything changed for her, Julia soon became a modern day maid for the family. Julia did many things for the family, which was easy and did not mind considering she lived with them. Things started to get innapropriate and her world turned upside down when Don came into her room and raped her. This happened a couple of times during the duration of her time with them. She had a terrible time after this happened because she knew that her family needed the money and was stuck in a moral dilemma. She couldn’t talk to Dona about it because it was her husband who was responsible for the raping, leaving Julia to feel very lonely and afraid.
Julia asked for time away to go see her family. Don and Dona gave her the time off and allowed her to spend the weekend away from their house and with her family. She told her parents what happened to her, but sadly they chose to believe her, maybe because they did not want to believe something so heinous had…

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