Analysis Of The Movie Little Miss Sunshine Essay

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There are several conflicts within the movie Little Miss Sunshine. There are multiple dynamics and interpersonal struggles throughout the duration of a multi-state trip which involve the Hoover family: Richard- the father of Olive, Sheryl – the mother of Olive and Dwayne, Dwayne – Sheryl’s son and Olives brother, Edwin (Grandpa) – is Richard father, and Frank – Sheryl’s brother. The event that propels this family on a multi-state trip is a beauty pageant that Olive won the opportunity to participate in. There are many fascinating communication levels and experiences throughout this film. I intend to evaluate assumptions and triggers power balances and power currencies, and Conflict styles and tactics.
Two of the deaths to communication are assumptions and trigger events. Assumptions occur when one makes inferences about why someone is acting a certain way or what is their motivation for responding a certain way without considering a potential triggering event. This creates conflict. Wilmont and Hocker sum up, “Conflict parties engage in an express struggle and interfere with one another because they are interdependent” (Pp 13). The first trigger event is Franks attempted suicide. Richard makes assumption about Frank’s attempted suicide thus negates any reasons Frank may have that legitimate his feelings at the time. What Richard does not know or care to know is what caused Frank to feel that way and what his triggering events were. After Frank tells Olive why he tried to…

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