Analysis Of The Movie ' Inside Out ' Essay

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Picturing the emotions in a human’s body as little people who can only display one feeling describes the movie, Inside Out, perfectly. An 11-year-old girl, Riley, has been moved to San Francisco from her hometown in Minnesota. Riley has different feelings and emotions that have been with her throughout the journey of her life. The five specific emotions that this movie displays in Riley’s mind are joy, sadness, disgust, fear, and anger. These emotions are shown as characters that are supposed to stay in the control center of Riley’s brain. Accidentally, two characters, Joy and Sadness, slip into the wrong tube and the audience is given a tour of Riley’s brain. The movie, Inside Out, shows psychology in an abundance of ways. Psychology is the study of human behaviors. In addition, psychology studies the causes and effects of these behaviors. There are many principles that can be examined in psychology. Three principles that are fantastically displayed in the movie, Inside Out, are The Self, having to do with self-esteem, Memory, and Emotions. Some principles are displayed with symbolic ideas throughout the movie. Other principles are clearly displayed by the way Riley reacts to the situations that go on in her life. The principles in the movie are analyzed and compared to the different theories and definitions of psychology. Riley had lived in Minnesota her entire life until she turned 11-years-old. Then her mother and father decided they were going to move to San…

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