Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Hotel Rwanda '

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With tear filled eyes, I write about one of the worst genocides in African history. In Kigali, Rwanda, Spring of 1994 over eight-hundred thousand people were massacred in the streets surrounding the Milles Collines Hotel. This hotel ran by Paul Rusesabagina became shelter to 1,268 Tutsi and Hutu refugees. In December 2004, Terry George releases the film Hotel Rwanda which not only captivates its audience but revisits the mass murderers that the global community collectively turned a blind eye causing many innocent lives to parrish. Georges ability to capture the realism of the event surpasses a film 's primary purpose of entertainment, it educates and reminds viewers to never turn our backs to a country in need. The film reveals how many countries around the world refuse to take blame for the Rwandan genocide and how they allow selfishness to overpower the apathy of their hearts. Yet, history concludes that the Belgian colonists are to blame for the division among the Tutsi and Hutus which eventually lead to the horrific events that takes place. The massacres were an attempt by the Hutu power to rid Rwanda of all Tutsis. The hatred began when Belgian colonist used the Tutsis to run the country, causing them to suppress the Hutus because of the differences in appearance. Tutsis are taller and of lighter complexion and therefore, identify more with the Europeans. Hutus on the other hand are short, darker and have wider noses, making them the subject of harassment. For years,…

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