Hotel Rwanda And The Rwandan Genocide

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Hotel Rwanda is a historical film drama based upon the Rwandan Genocide during April 1994. An ethic group by the name of "Hutu" began to murder another ethnic group by the name of "Tutsi", causing the country Rwanda to go into turmoil. This movie stars Golden Globe winner Don Cheadle, in which this film earned him an Academy nomination for Best Actor. Don Cheadle plays Paul Rusesabagina, an employee of Hotel des Mille Collines located in Rwanda, and unfortunately his boss leaves during the mist of the crisis, leaving Rusesabagina in charge. During his short tenure, Paul allows Hutu and Tutsi refugees in the hotel to the dismay of the Hutu Revolutionary Movement. This film focuses on the obstacles and emotions of Paul and the Hotel refugees. The movie is very touching, but many things remained unanswered and left in question. This paper will address the cause of this catastrophe, reevaluate if this was actually a genocide, and understand why …show more content…
The population in Rwanda consisted of 3 ethnic groups: 85% Hutu, 14% Tutsi, and 1% Twa. During that period of time the Belgians favored the Tutsi more than the Hutus; the Belgians actually educated the Tutsi in order to run the government, causing an unintended division amongst the two cultural groups. In 1961, the Hutus exiled all the Tutsis, and by 1962 the Hutus exiled all Tutsi government officials. Over time the Hutus and Tutsi created two individual political groups: Rwandese Patriotic Front (Tutsi) and the National Revolutionary Movement for Development (Hutus). The president of the RPF was Paul Kagame and the president of the Revolutionary Movement was Juvenal Habyarimana. That same year in 1962, Rwanda gained independence and was invaded by the Tutsis. When a negotiation came about between the two presidents of the political groups to run the government together, the Hutus became enraged and killed President Habyarimana, starting the

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