Analysis Of The Movie ' Hotel Rwanda ' Essays

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Survival and the Approval Motive in Hotel Rwanda Hotel Rwanda is a film based on the autobiography of The Ordinary Man by
The film depicts events that happened in the Rwandan genocide were about eight hundred thousand people were killed in 1994. The Rwandan Genocide was the mass murder of the Tutsi by Hutu extremists. The Hutu extremists were resentful of past Tutsi government officials and thought all Tutsi were the cause of social imbalance. Tutsi were the main victims of the genocide but Hutus that opposed the genocide were also killed. The film is centralized in the life of a Rwandan hotel manager named Paul Rusesabagina. Paul uses his hotel as a place for refugees while he tries to make it appear as it is still a luxurious hotel and reach out for help in the world. The evil phenomenon of a genocide can tried to be explained by the social psychological concepts of survival and the approval motive. The social psychological concept of survival includes agression, cooperation, and altruism. Survival is also a biological concept, there is evidence that suggests our ancestors engaged in the equivalent of “social insurance” or what can be called cooperation as a tool to insure survival (Peterson, Sznycer, Cosmides, & Tooby, 2012). In the film, most Hutus cooperated with the extremists and tried not to publicly talk about the issue to ensure their survival. In one scene Paul bribes some officials with money and alcohol in return of the extremists not to kill his family and…

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