Analysis Of The Movie ' Harry Belafonte Played The Black Man '

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Think about traveling and you go to someone else’s country. The 1995 movie was directed by Desmond Nakano. Him being of a different nationality than black or white, he was able to tell the story in its most true form. He told the story of an alternate America. In our society today and which has been for many years, the white race has been deemed as the dominate race. The blacks are the less superior less, but it has not always was been that way according to history.

The main actors in this film are Lewis Pinnock, a very poor white, part of the working class man who is barely surviving day to day. He also has to support and provide for his family. Lewis is played by John Travolta. Mr. Thaddeus Thomas, the very wealthy business owner and trendsetter, who has had a strong impact many peoples lives, but not always in the best way.

Following the theme of the movie Harry Belafonte played the black man. The black man in the movie is rich and has a lot of money and estate. In our society the whites dominate the upperclass, but in the movie it’s the black who has most of the money and not have to live from paycheck to paycheck. John Travolta plays the poor white man. At the beginning of the movie John Travolta lived in the hood wear normally blacks would live. Further in the movie him and his family was eventually evicted from the apartment because he had no way to pay and he just lost his job to long before.

There are magnificent differences between the races, mainly…

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