Analysis Of The Movie ' Forrest Gump ' Essay

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In the film, Forrest Gump, there are many experiences that Forrest has that change his life for better or worse. His mother explained life by telling Forrest, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Despite not being the brightest person, Forrest was always optimistic. Being optimistic through the hard times in life is the best outlook a person could have. This movie can inspire many people to have a better outlook on life. Forrest Gump was directed by Robert Zemeckis. The authors are Winston Groom (novel) and Eric Roth (screenplay). The star actors in this movie are Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump), Robin White (Jenny Curran), Sally Field (Forrest’s Mother), Mykelti Williamson (Bubba Blue), Michael Conner Humphreys (Young Forrest), Peter Dobson (Young Elvis Presley), and Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan Taylor). Forrest Gump was released on July 4, 1994 by Paramount Pictures. A user review on the film by lacey_joeskip7 says, “What an inspiring story moving meaning.” Forrest Gump has many life lessons and historic events throughout the entire film. The film starts out with Forrest as a young boy. Forrest is a slow-minded simple boy with nothing but good intentions. When Forrest was a young boy he had to have braces on his legs to help him walk. He got picked on at school and outside of school by boys who made fun of him for having these braces on his legs. When he was young, Forrest’s mom had to rent out rooms in their house so they could keep their…

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