Analysis Of The Movie ' Edwardsville Township Supervisor Frank Miles '

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Edwardsville Township Supervisor Frank Miles was there that day, almost 25 years ago, when the LTV A-7E Corsair II airplane arrived at Robert Stille Edwardsville Township Community Park. In the 25 years it has been on display, the airplane has become a fixture of the park and the town. “The significance of the plane is that, while the park is called Robert Stille Edwardsville Township Park, everybody knows it by Airplane Park,” Miles said. “It’s been a feature in that park, and it is actually part of the town. If people talk about Airplane Park, they know what you’re talking about.” A quarter century of exposure to the Midwest elements, however, has caused the plane to lose some of its luster since it first arrived at the park. “There has been very little repainting or maintenance that has been conducted on the plane,” Miles said. “Over time, there has been corrosion, rust and holes that have formed in parts of the plane. And it’s obviously become faded.” The beloved aircraft was first brought to the park by Township Supervisor Robert Stille, who the park is named after. Stille worked for years with former Congressman Jerry Costello to bring the plane to the park. “He wanted something there to be a feature of the park,” Miles said of Stille’s efforts.
The airplane was flown into Scott Air Force Base, where its avionic system, engines and weaponry were removed. It was then flown to the park by helicopter, where it has been ever since.
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