Analysis Of The Movie ' Crossing The Line ' Essay example

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“For the people, of the people, by the people.” These words were uttered by American Pfc. James Dresnok, who is the main speaker of this film. Crossing the Line is a documentary that follows 4 western defectors who lived in communists North Korea. All of these men, to my surprise had entered into North Korea willingly and were not captured or necessarily prisoners of war. They had all abandoned there posts and went to North Korea for a variety of reasons, even they can’t explain the exacts reasons for crossing the deadly boarder into communism. After Dresnok was captured by the North Korean army for crossing the border, they interrogated him, only to learn he was just a simple soldier who didn 't have any useful information for them to extract. But the North Korean government soon learned that they could use these 4 men for something very important, as a propaganda tool to praise the communist ideology and offer awards and a “good life” to any other soldiers who wanted to abandon they evil ways of the US imperialism and bring with the war information and weapons. In 1966 The men tried to escape North Korea, as they felt like outsiders in this country that absolutely hated Americans and went to the Soviet Union embassy in hopes of getting mercy and taken to the Soviet Union. The embassy tried to convince them to stay in North Korea and turned them into the North Korean government. They feared extreme punishment and even death, but instead were though to need more education of…

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