Analysis Of The Movie ' Beauty And The Beast ' Essay

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Once Upon a Time are the beginning words used to signify a fairytale, while a traditional musical begins with an opening number. Beauty and the Beast is such a Disney fairytale, complete with the opening lines of a fairytale, musical numbers, dances, and a happy ending for the romantic couple. The musical follows Belle, a young French maiden, as she winds up in the castle of a cursed Beast, where the two find true love and break the curse. Of course, the show is complex in its unfolding story and intricate cast of characters that journey alongside the main couple, adding to the elements of a true Disney fairytale. The musical Chicago, however, begins with the number “All That Jazz” and showcases a jazzy style compared to the romantic fairytale. Chicago is set in the Prohibition-era and follows the journeys of Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly as they struggle with fame in and out of jail. It also contains a wide-set variety of characters and music, but deals with heavier and more realistic themes than those of a fairytale. Taking the overviews of each show, the two musicals appear to have nothing in common but can be examined under a new light to reveal the similarities between them both. Stories often deal with a change after an experience of ‘going through the woods’, which leads each character to a separate, individual idea of their ending. In both Beauty and the Beast and Chicago, the main character undergoes a change in their life after being locked away. Belle is locked…

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