Analysis Of The Marshmallow Experiment By Walter Mischel

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There has been an experiment started by Walter Mischel in the 1960s. The experiment was called the marshmallow test. He used this test to try to teach the child self discipline (willpower).
The researcher, parent, or someone else would tell the child “ you have to wait in the room for 20-50 minutes.” If the marshmallow or a different treat is eaten you will not get to eat the other treat. If the treat is not eaten the child will get the other treat. The same experiment that Walter Mischel a guy named Joachim de Posada he did it too. He put a four year old in a room alone. He also said “I am going to leave this marshmallow on the table in front of you.” Then, he told the four year old that he was going to come back to the room

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