Analysis Of The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art Essay

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Gallery Report On my trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art I came upon a specific exhibit which caught my eye, titled The Magic Medium. As an intro to the exhibit, it explained Luis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre’s announcement of the first permanent photographic process. It described how the photographers in this exhibit manipulated this art form to invoke emotions and mirror reality in their works. The first photograph I viewed instantly invoked interest in me, the dye coupler print by Bob Nover, an untitled piece taken in 1983, which displayed a blurred picture of a woman wearing a red dress. The way the woman moved created an effect which made it seem as if her hands were tied, and her mouth as if it were shut, and that her movement was a way of trying to break free. To me this photograph is trying to portray the way woman have been treated throughout history, as major social problems are a result of inequality between genders, and how woman must suffer and fight to break the way they are treated. The red color of her dress represents the suffering and endeavor woman must suffer in their battle for social justice. The next image was by Virginia Beahan and Laura McPhee, entitled The Blue Lagoon, Svartsengi Geothermal Plant, Iceland, taken in 1988 displayed children playing in a peaceful body of water, but in the background a harsh factory letting off pollution. The foreground and background of the image are so intensely different that it displays how factories that…

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