Analysis Of The Little Mermaid

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There must be a problem with society and the entertainment industry when there are people like Katha Pollitt that care so strongly about just a single essay like The Smurfette Principle, but it’s not quite as bad as she makes it out to be. She starts the essay by giving her child The Little Mermaid, and even though Ariel looks just like the other princess, she is active, brave and also the heroine of the story. This is not a common happening in movies because she states that only 9 out of the 10 movies you pick up, the main character will be a boy. She claims that this is because the film industry is mainly run by males. This puts girls only in relation to boys besides the rare occasion of Ariel. While Ariel looks like Barbie, she still has a story that makes her adventurous. This is uncommon among most movies because they commonly portray women as just a pretty face. While it may still be completely about love and romance, she doesn’t follow the norm and wait for a man to come for her. This is teaching the little girls that women can be important in the world and hopefully show them they can can do big things in the world. Ariel isn’t the only female main …show more content…
is proving her point but not at all helping her cause. There may be a problem with males controlling the entertainment because they are creating males as a dominate sex. Saying that men are the ones with the leadership job but still wondering why the women are not put on a show as the main character. If man did the job better than the female then they deserved the job and vice versa. Some will say that men get hired over females. For that to work then it would need to be man that is very good at the job. This is because women also complain that they get paid less. That means that it is completely unreasonable to say that jobs like this are

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