Analysis Of ' The Lather And Nothing Else ' Essay

1216 Words Mar 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Everything takes place in the barbershop, when Captain Torres the antagonist walks in for a shave. Revealing his plans to the barber which is to kill the rebels on the barber’s side. The barber happens to know the captain from past executions he committed on the rebels. The Baber is left shivering and drowned in his thoughts weighing the cost of letting the captain leave and finish his plans with the leaders, he caught on the barber’s side or take a shot to slit his throat in the barber shop. Barber chooses to have “The Lather” on his hand rather than captains blood. At the end captain revealed he knew the barber was a rebel and wanted to see if he would dare to kill him or not. Choices, choices are what make up an individual’s life. How the individual makes the choice can change his or her entire destiny. Hernandez Tellez the skillful writer of “The Lather and Nothing Else” have brought the theme choices by using techniques such as characterization, foreshadowing, and by the well-chosen title which reveals the hidden theme. The author of the “Lather and Nothing Else” has developed the personality of the protagonist, the barber by direct characterization. This unwraps the character 's personality through his solemn, cautious, and curious personality. The author develops the barber through his solemnness at work; bad go the barber is sensitive with perfection. Author uses the quote “ I would have to shave his beard just like any other, carefully, neatly, just though he…

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