Analysis Of The LGBT Community

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with the statement that is “all men are created equal”? The truth is… we cannot. Not everyone is treated equally in our world; whether it be women against men, or sexual minorities, such as people in the LGBT community, against heterosexual people. The healthcare for many people of the LGBT community is not the best and does not support the needs of most of the people included in the community. Many lesbian women and gay men have been diagnosed with HIV over the course of the past few years. Because of their sexual orientation, many times they are unaware or uninformed of the risks they have when having sex with someone.
The approach to HIV includes early diagnosis; and due to people with poor physical and mental health problems disconnecting
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Shows like Glee, Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, and movies such as Pitch Perfect, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Mean Girls, and more have included themes or characters related to the LGBT community. In the TV show Glee, there were at least six gay/lesbian characters, three gay/lesbian actors, and two transgender characters. In the movie Pitch Perfect, there was one lesbian character, but many scenes referring to homosexual themes. The LGBT community has become very prominent in entertainment recently because more and more people can relate to the content from both the homosexual and the heterosexual side of the content.
In Barack Obama’s 2005 Knox College Commencement Speech, he asks, “What will be your place in history?” (1). There are many celebrities that have come out as gay or lesbian in the past few years. The community of YouTube creators especially has a growing amount of people coming out as gay or lesbian. In fact, these creators are some of the most important people when it comes to the LGBT community. Some creators’ “coming out” videos such as Ingrid Nielsen’s, Connor Franta’s, Troye Sivan’s, Joey Graceffa’s, and many more, have had a great impact on many LGBT
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Just like any other stereotype, sex-stereotyping involves a common idea of how people think a certain race or culture is supposed to act. Sex-stereotyping occurs when the gender a person is associated with is different than how they act (Gay 77). For example, if someone were to walk down the street and see a girl, the stereotype is to assume that she is probably attracted to a guy romantically. In reality, that is not always the case. This stereotype goes out to also men who people might assume are attracted to women, transgender females people who look like men but identify as women, and

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