Analysis Of ' The King 's Speech ' Essay

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Statement of Intent

My first piece is a creative writing that shows a character being present in a slum similar to, from the characters present in the poem ‘The Blessing.’ Through this I have shown his struggles. My second piece of writing is a film review on Tom Hooper’s ‘The king’s speech’. It shares my thoughts about the film.

Creative writing

The drops from a leaking container fall on my face and awaken me. I wake up laying on the ground and I’m unable to recognise my surroundings. In my first glimpse of the surrounding all I see are unhealthy, dehydrated strangers. To me these people seemed to be standing one after another in some possible line. I slip my hand into my pocket only to realise my possessions have run away. Everything I had is gone, not a single penny in my pocket. I’m dazzled and try to recall how I got here.

The only thing I could recollect was a muscular man whom I was asking assistance for with directions. His greed was compelling him to do something upon seeing my wallet loaded with cash, as I was withdrawing the paper with the address of my destination. He verbally demanded my stuff, I refused to his demand. I realised I needed to get away from him. I began running and he started his pursuit. I thought I could get away but, I was mistaken. My last memory was the man getting closer and closer and soon enough my eyelids started to close and I plummeted to the ground.

I come back to reality, feeling exhausted and craving for water. I ask nearly…

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