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Introduction At the climax of creation, “God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” (Gen. 1:27 NIV) The Baker handbook says that, “Although scholars are divided over the exact meaning of the “image of God,” it probably includes several things: we are similar to God in several aspects (spiritual, emotional and relational) and we have been appointed as His representatives to administer His creation.” All of humanity was created in Adam thus giving man and woman special status; all races, creeds, colors, and both genders were created with this special status.
Survey of the Biblical Doctrine of Image of God A brief analysis of the biblical, historical and theological approaches
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These aspects include; moral, spiritual, mental, relational and physical. Hammett groups these aspects in three overarching approaches; substantive, relational and functional. The substantive approach is that the image of God is some capacity, ability, or characteristic that only humans possess. God speaks of us as those, “created for His own glory.” (Isa. 43:7 NIV) Hammett says that, “This has been the historically dominant view, challenged or supplemented by two other approaches.” . The relational approach is supported by the Bible in that we were made for relationship with Him and other people. The Bible is His love letter to us; "God said, 'It is not good for man to be alone," (Gen. 2:18a NIV). Finally, the functional approach described by Hammett as, “Most often the function associated with the image is that of dominion, drawing on the close association of the two in Genesis 1:26–28.” God made all of creation then He created humans to be His representative on the earth, rule over the rest of creation, and finally fill the earth and subdue …show more content…
Jesus ' life is a daily reminder that He, “did not come to be served but to serve;” (Matt. 20:28 NIV) what better way to reflect the image of God. I pray each day that people see Jesus thru and in me; that His image and the Fruit of the Spirit are reflected in my activities and actions. While I am serving, whether counting the offering at church or cleaning animal cages at the local shelter, I pray that I do it the best. I am God’s special creation, set above all other created things. My gratitude is demonstrated in the way I treat the creation that people are charged to care for and is how I interpret the functional approach. Indeed, this is an ongoing process but I have Jesus to

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