Analysis Of The First Airplane, Albert Ghiorso 's Discovery Of 12 Elements

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Mankind has accomplished much with theory; Christopher Columbus theorizing that there could be trade route to India if he crossed the Atlantic, Arthur and Wilbur Wright’s sketch of the first airplane, Albert Ghiorso’s discovery of 12 elements. Even Apollo 11’s Moon Landing mission was based much around theory. Much of science is based around theory, ranging from the Big Bang Theory, the Theory of Gravity, the Theory of Evolution, and the Theory of General Relativity, all of which is taught in science classrooms all over the country. Theory does not only apply to science, because economic, political, and even social theories exist. Many theories have arisen from America, and so when Alexis de Tocqueville made the statement “…hardly anyone in the United States devotes himself to the essentially theoretical and abstract portion of human knowledge” (42), he seems downright wrong. This statement could be linked to the phrase “Shoot first, ask questions later”, and we may do that here in America, but the way Tocqueville phrases it is that we just shoot, and do not ask questions. America has blazed the trail for many theories, such as scientific, economical, and political theories. When Tocqueville made this claim, he failed to fully see what the future could hold. While it may have true for the early 1800s America, it is true no longer. Using famous events, people, and ideas, Tocqueville’s claim is delegitimized, but those cannot by themselves prove him wrong. Much must be…

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