Essay about Analysis Of The Film ' The Green Mile '

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1. The film is called ‘The Green Mile’. What is The Green Mile? –

The Green Mile is a short “mile" with a green linoleum floor which is the path a prisoner walks before he is executed on prison grounds by the force of the law.

2. When the viewer is introduced to John Coffey as he first enters E block, how does the director show the audience that Coffey is a huge man? –

The director shows the audience that John Coffey is a huge man by many aspects of his visual features such as his tallness, muscular look and John Coffey’s appearance in general.

3. Coffey asks Paul Edgecombe if he “leaves the light on after bedtime?” What does this tell the viewer about Coffey? –

When John Coffey had arrived to his cell Paul Edgecombe realised that John Coffey is a very shy, soft spoken and a very emotional man when he asked Paul Edgecombe if he leaves the light on after bedtime showing the viewer that John Coffey is a very emotional man.

4. Every story has a protagonist and an antagonist but in this film there are more than one of each. If you had to choose the main protagonist and antagonist, who would you choose?

If I were to choose the main protagonist in the film “The Green Mile” I’d pick Paul Edgecombe as the main protagonist as Paul has one of the major roles within the film. Paul plays the main role as the superintendent and death row supervisor of The Green Mile. Paul was very liked within the film as he was kind, calm and happy to help anyone at The Green Mile.

If I…

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