Analysis Of The Film ' House Party ' Essay

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Hip hop music has become a central aspect in the portrayal of identification of many African American teenagers, as from other races. Being a method in which they find their way of expressing themselves and discovering who they really are and what they want out of life. Hip hop provides the youth the understanding they want and the motivation they need to achieve their goals. This is seen in the film “House Party” directed by Reginald Hudlin. Where Hip hop music is perceived, as something that is part of the lives of the characters in the film where “it brings teenagers together in a positive manner” (Sanchez 27). In critically analyzing the film “House Party” the viewer acknowledges how the urban life, clothing and dance aspects are incorporated in hip hop. In the film “House Party” the main character is kid “an aspiring rapper who wants to go to a party thrown by his best friend” (Alfred 23) Play. Unable to go do to the punishment he is in for getting in a fight at school Kid defies his father and ends up attending the party anyways. Without knowing the many obstacles placed upon him during the whole course of the night. Leading Kid to prison. Where the viewer acknowledges the importance hip hop music has in a young teenager’s life and how it is incorporated and portrayed in the film. The acknowledgement of the urban life portrayed in the film “House Party” demonstrates the influence hip hop has and the way it unites them to the suburban life. Making hip hop a…

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