Film Analysis: Food, Inc.

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What the Food industry doesn 't want us to see

“The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than in the previous 10,000...Now our food is coming from enormous assembly lines where the animals and the workers are being abused, and the food is becoming more dangerous” (Schlosser). In light of recent outbreaks of salmonella in the US, it is worth reviewing Food, Inc. Despite a failure to draw any sharp political conclusions, the film is damaging the inability of the profit system to provide safe and healthier foods for the population. One of the guiding conceptions of Food inc, is that the authenticity behind victuals engenderment in the US does not emanate from diminutive farmers markets it is engendered in giant firms operating sizably voluminous factories with brutal conditions. The system is skewed towards unhealthy foods, which leads to obesity as well as type 2 diabetes. Nobody is stopping that as well as the corn production, Corn is in all types of food. Therefore, corn has conquered the world in a way, such high fructose corn syrup, giving the flavor and feels to our mouths that humans enjoy. Finally big corporations such as Monsanto are the ones who own the soybean crop which is to be a terminating seed, so farmers cannot replant these seeds, therefore leading to more conflicts in society. Society
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This is harming our bodies in so many shapes and forms. In the film Food Inc, it showed the meat being processed and there was manure throughout it, which is E-coli that is getting into our system. The story about Kevin, is heart touching because he was just a healthy little 2 year old who ate hamburgers which was conducted of E-coli and killed him in 12 days. Nobody wants this, so why should we keep this coming? Society really needs to step in and control what is being produced and what 's being put on our

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