Analysis Of The Explosion Scene From 71 Essays

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An Analysis of Cinematography and Sound in the Explosion Scene From ’71 (2015) Dir. Yann Demange
‘‘71’ is a film about a young soldier, Gary Hook, who gets stranded in Belfast in 1971 during the Troubles. He accidentally becomes the target for all parties involved and the complexity of the good and the bad in the Troubles become apparent. In the sequence I’ve chosen, Hook has his first glimpse of safety when he gets picked up by a young Protestant boy and taken a Loyalist pub. After mistakenly interrupting a bomb meeting led by a double-crossing Military Reaction Force’s (MRF) member, the pub suddenly explodes severely injuring the young Protestant boy. I hope to deconstruct the cinematography and sound to show how I’ve interpreted this scene. SG 1
In SG1, this mid-shot of Hook at the bar creates a subtle but tense build-up. Since the British Army at the time were working with the Royal Ulster Constabulary, who were known to be biased towards the Loyalists, the audience might presume that Hook is safe as the pub was a front for the Loyalists. However, the shot allows you to see his expression clearly, which is quite tense, contrasting the comforting atmosphere, which is created by the warm, low-key lighting. The faint hum of Solomon Burke’s ‘Cry to Me’ is contrapuntal diegetic music, as we know there’s a bomb upstairs. The easiness of the melody contrasts the motives behind the pub, which could put the audience on edge. The…

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