Analysis Of The Documentary ' Hoop Dreams ' Essay

768 Words Nov 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Hoop Dreams is a true story of two inner-city young African-American kids who wanted to become a professional basketball player. William Gate and Arthur Agee are filmed in the documentary, it shows their passion, dedication and love for the basketball and how basketball kept them away from the streets. Sport is being a very prominent institution in United States, Mostly in African-American kids, parents indulge their children in sports as a gateway from drugs and gangs. The documentary shows two aspect of life, in one hand is captures the passion, determination of William and Arthur to become a professional basketball player and on the other hand, it talks about larger subjects: ambition, competition, poverty, race and drugs usage in the African-American society in United States. Moreover the documentary also takes a nasty hit on the Scholarship program provide to athlete by the American School. Hoop Dreams shows the poverty that is evident in most of the African- American family in United States. Due to lack of education, the African-American are unemployed and have financial problems. As in the documentary Arthur is forced to leave St. Joseph High School as his parents were not able to pay his tuition. Moreover, the documentary also successfully portrays, the psychological problems a child emotionally goes through due to lack of good parenting and a society they live in. Hoop Dreams also raises question about domestic abuse…

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