Essay on Analysis Of The Documentary ' Food, Inc.

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About a month ago, while I did my usual peruse through Netflix to find my next show to watch, I stumbled upon a food documentary that caught my eye. The documentary was titled Food, Inc (2008). The film’s goal was to inform Americans about how their food goes from the farm to the dinner table. However, as researchers discussed in the documentary, large food corporations have placed a veil over the food industry, thus blurring the reality of food production. Therefore, these corporations are misleading Americans into believing that these poorly produced foods are healthy and nourishes for our bodies, when in reality they are not. While our nation grows more and more unhealthy, people are starting to raise the red flag and beginning to demand an answer to the question of why these corporations continue to produce such low nutrient foods. The biggest problem is that many American consumers are unaware that large food corporations are using unhealthy mass production methods, exploiting animals, and marketing products falsely. In today’s world, technology plays a huge role in how our food goes from the farm to our dinner table. Food companies now rely on technology to speed up manufacturing and cut costs. One thing that has become the hallmark of fast food is the concept of consistency. With the use of special techniques, fast food chains have mastered the process of making the same menu item taste the same at a different location. For example, almost everything a…

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