Analysis Of The Documentary ' Food Inc ' Essay

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Food INC. is a documentary from Robert Kenner who is on a mission (at least for the purpose of the documentary) to lift the veil of secrecy between the consumer, and the food industry he hopes to expose. The companies in charge that give the consumer an illusion of choice, an illusion of transparency, an illusion of rights towards food, an illusion of labor rights, and an illusion of animal rights, this is all masterfully played out, in an about 90 minutes documentary. There are harsh truths to be explored however what one might find most important is that even in the end, the customer is always right and what one might blame on the companies is partially the consumers fault for enabling the behaviors explored. For the purpose of this essay one can not say the documentary touches on everything discussed in class or even that it pertains to most topics discussed but it does speak of states laws, laws that prohibit its inhabitants to speak about what one consumes in a negative tone, how a group of companies have striped even the organizations in charge of helping the consumer of any power to do something, how the food industry thrives while the consumer gets ill, while employees are mistreated, and while animals are mistreated and genetically enhanced. Perhaps the scene in the whole documentary that got the most emotion directed towards it, was the scene towards the end when Maria Andrea Gonzalez the mother of the little boy who died due to E coli poisoning was afraid she…

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