Essay on Analysis Of The Documentary ' Atitlan 's Bloom '

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Crystal clear water, mountainous green terrain, and around a dozen culture-filled villages is what people generally imagine when thinking of Lake Atitlan. The documentary titled “Atitlan in Bloom” is a collective of stories from various people in the lake community which shows the diversity, hard work, culture, and beliefs of the people there. There are scenes focusing on women who work with old fashioned looms, natural healers, Mayan priests, bus mechanics, and passionate peasants. The first man the filmmakers spoke with in the video expresses that a person can only be as good as their roots. In that sense, the people of Lake Atitlan come from a strong history, giving them the “ability to adapt and flourish in a world that’s constantly changing” (Meyer 2014). Unfortunately, this collection of communities in the central highlands of Guatemala now faces a major problem: the quality of their water is deteriorating. In this moment, they have the opportunity to show their strong roots and adapt to and fix the problem or else the effects will only become worse. The water problem has been occurring each year following the rainy season and locals say it is the surrounding lake communities that are polluting the water (Meyer 2014). Large amounts of odorous slime cover the water’s surface. One man showed with his hands in the film that on certain days the sludge is nearly six inches thick. The water was once crystal clear and it has been an essential resource for the people. They…

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