Analysis Of The Dialogues Between Hamlet And The Gravediggers

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An Analysis of Mortality in the Dialogues between Hamlet and the Gravediggers
Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a play that presents the tragic story of Denmark Prince, Hamlet, who is wounded by both his father’s death and the hasty remarriage of Queen Gertrude, his mother, to Claudius, his uncle. Hamlet’s father’s ghost reveals that Claudius murdered him and that he wants Hamlet to avenge his death. Shortly after Hamlet finds out that his uncle has murdered his father, he puts on an antic disposition and pretends madness. Hamlet mistakenly kills Ophelia’s father instead of Claudius. However, in the end, Hamlet manages to kill Claudius but his mother also gets poisoned. Ophelia is the girl who Hamlet is in love with but because of her father’s death and rejection from Hamlet, she drowns herself in a river. As Act V begins, we encounter the gravediggers who dug Ophelia’s grave. The scene is interesting as the dialogue between the gravediggers and Hamlet explains the circle of life. The scene brings out the mortality theme that shows that dead people are all equal. It also provides a comic relief in the most tragic part of the play as well as showing how Hamlet comes out of the shell of madness that he was surrounded with.
The gravediggers’ scene is a place where mortality gets mixed with the comic element. The scene opens with the two gravediggers’ commenting on the death of Ophelia through drowning. In the beginning, the first gravedigger’s words are in a light-hearted,…

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