Acting Boldly Without Thinking In The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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Do you think acting boldly without thinking or acting impetuously can injure others or cause disorder? Some people think that they couldn 't hurt others or themselves by acting without thinking, but in some situations, they actually do. This thematic essay will manifest how people actually offend or cause pain to others by acting without thinking. First of all, a theme is a central idea or insight about human experience revealed in a work of literature, such as poetry, books, novels, and dramas. The Tragedy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare has a lot of themes. The theme for The Tragedy of Hamlet by William Shakespeare is people who act without think do more harm or cause disorder than people who think before they act. Hamlet, unlike Claudius, …show more content…
He is the brother of Ophelia and the son of Polonius. This time Laertes was pushed by his anger towards Hamlet. Laertes seeks revenge against Hamlet for killing his father, Polonius, and the early death of his sister Ophelia. Laertes was very bold, so he challenged Hamlet to a duel. At the end of Act IV, Laertes and Claudius had a discussion about the duel. Laertes says that he 'll poison the tip of his sword so that he can kill Hamlet with even just a scratch from it. If the plan wouldn’t work, Claudius will prepare a cup of poisoned drink waiting if Hamlet gets thirsty during the duel. Hamlet was winning the duel and the Queen drank the poisoned drink to celebrate, but she has no idea the drink was poisoned. Later on, Laertes wounds Hamlet on the arm. When Hamlet found out that Laertes wounded him, he became furious, and their swords got mixed up. Hamlet picked up Laertes’s sword and wounds him. The Queen warned Hamlet about the poisoned drink and dies moments later. Before Laertes died from the poison, he told Hamlet that it was the King’s idea. Hamlet became more furious and wounds the King with the sword, and forced the King to drink the poisoned drink. Laertes harmed himself and Hamlet for being angry and only focusing on revenge. On Claudius’ side again, He harmed the Queen for leaving the poisoned cup in the

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