Question Questions On The Question Of Hamlet In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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1. Why do you take from this quote where Hamlet says “To be or not to be –that is the question:/ Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer/ The slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes,/Or to take arms against a sea of troubles/ And, by opposing, end them.”(3.1.64-68).
Here in this instance Hamlet is considering if life is worth living. He is weighing the options between life and death, with life being a dreadful mess that is cold in everywhere, and death being an escape from the harsh reality that comes with living.

2. What do you think Hamlet meant by saying “That if you be honest and fair,(your honesty)/should admit no disclosure to your beauty”(3.1.117-118).
Hamlet is not directly trying to bare all of this on Ophelia this is more
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She can’t comprehend the pain Hamlets suffers through because she is oblivious to how it could hurt him as much as it is.

16. Do you believe the Ghost feels bad about Hamlet calling Gertrude out?(3.4.126-131) The ghost does have strong feelings to Gertrude so he probably is sympathetic in that reason. The ghost of Hamlet doesn’t find Gertrude to be at fault of his death and choosing to marry his brother Claudius, he finds Claudius the one to blame for all the trouble that has occurred. Claudius is worth nothing in Hamlet’s mind he is just a sleazy rat who has done nothing but destroy all that he had.

17. Why does the ghost goes back on his words of revenge and the way he wants it? (3.4.126-131) The ghost comes into the scene and the first thing he says is that he is there to heighten Hamlet’s dull seek of revenge, which basically means he could be doing a whole lot better than he has done. After he says that he suggests that he should stop attacking his mother because she is in shock of all that Hamlet said. Why the ghost does this is unclear because he is basically counter arguing what revenge should

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