Hamlet Follows His Father's Demands

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Hamlet throughout the play is seen as a person who follows his father’s demands. You can see this in the play when he proves to be there and help his father, staying loyal to his father even after death.
In a Kingdom, the king had been killed by his brother who had taken the throne leaving alone the son of the king, Hamlet. Later on, Hamlet sees the ghost of his father and plans revenge. Confronting the king using the theater in which acted out a similarity of the way of his father's death. In a church, the king then confesses his sins causing Hamlet to understand the what he learned from his father was all true. At the top of anger, Hamlet confronts his mother and kills Polonius who was there at the time of their talk. The king ears of the
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During the play, there is a scene where Hamlet confronts his mother with pictures that involved her and her husband’s. This is when you realize that Hamlet holds his father dearly over anyone else. During the play, Hamlet is seen wearing only black as a sign of mourning towards his father. He, as you can see, is the last one to keep mourning and because of that is shamed for it. His mother no longer cares but he in ways feels connected to his father that is why he continues to do so. Hamlet would have done anything for his father. As you can see this is how Hamlet was and stayed being loyal to his …show more content…
He also went through so much with no one being by his side and supporting him, though he stood by his father's side he was with him through life and death. He loved his father thus making him idolize him. When he discovered the murder of his father he planned to avenge him like at that time any son would have done for a parent. In some moments of the play, it does look obvious that he wasn't thinking of how he was going to do his dirty deed. Hamlet just wants to keep a promise to his father, in the play he has many chances of killing his uncle but still, he doesn’t he waits for an adequate time. In this play, we learned that we have to know and understand from someone else's point of view before we do something serious about

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