Essay on Analysis Of ' The Crucible '

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Today and in the past people have done some things that is not right. with that i will compare the crucible to the real life example I have chosen the holocaust. The question I will be answering is what happens in the world today that is similar to the “witchhunt” in the Crucible? The witch hunt in the crucible connects to the killings of the jewish people in both attempted to make people disappear, both unfairly judged, and both wrongfully accused people of something they could not defend.

In the crucible and in the holocaust there are killings of many people for what the leaders of the time think are for a greater cause. The killings in the crucible are only looked at from the outside from the people who first accused the person of witchery. Abigail Williams doesn 't like Elizabeth because she 's in the way of her getting John Proctor, so Abigail makes up this story to get rid of Elizabeth. (act 2 pg 859) says “The girl, the Williams girl, Abigail Williams ,sir. She sat at dinner in reverend Parris’s house tonight , and without a word nor warnin’ she falls to the floor.Like a struck beast, he says , and screamed a scream that a bull would weep to hear.And he goes to save her, and, struck two inches in the flesh of her belly,he draw a needle out And he demanding of her now she come to be so stabbed, she - to proctor now- testify it your wife 's familiar spirit pushed it in. With this passage it shows the beginning of one of abigail 's many accusations to get people…

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