Compare And Contrast The Witch Trials

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All across the United States and all throughout history our judicial system has been terrible. Trials that stand out are very similar, they don’t have reasonable doubt, they all have a bias against the defendant to begin with, and the judicial system doesn’t want to look bad. The witch trials are a great example and one of the oldest to happen in the colonial era, but it was still in America. The West Memphis three is another great example of the judicial system being corrupt. Even though these trials were hundreds of years apart, they are very similar.
The Witch trials were hundreds of years ago, but they still have relevance today. The trials consisted of people being accused of being witches and the community went insane because they thought their community was being infiltrated by the devil. People who were accused didn’t really have a chance to defend themselves, usually people who were accused just said that they were a witch and asked God for forgiveness, and they would get out of punishment by lying and accusing someone else of being a witch. The judge knew it was wrong and they are not actually witches, but since he made the mistake of accusing them of being witches he didn’t want to admit that he convicted innocent people and sentenced them to death for the sake of his reputation.
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They both have people with to big of egos to admit they are wrong, they both have fear in the community, they both have false confessions, they both are being accused of things they didn’t do, and they both have unfair trials. In the witch trials people didn’t want the devil in their community, and in the West Memphis three trials they didn’t want satan worshipers in their community. The community picked the different and odd people to blame for crimes in both trials. The judges in both trials couldn’t admit they were wrong. In both trials the juries and judges’ minds were already made up about weather they were guilty or

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