Analysis Of The Civil War By Bruce Catton Essay example

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Shamsun Nahar
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8 Dec 2016
Catton, Bruce. The Civil War. Boston, Massachusetts, Mariner Books, 2004.
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Analysis of “The Civil War by Bruce Catton”
The Civil War is a novel written by Bruce Catton In his earlier life, Catton studied at Oberlin College, but he had to leave without a degree due to his service in World War I. After the war he returned home and became a journalist and an editor for the American Heritage magazine and later he became an American Historian, writing multiple books about civil war. In his book The Civil War, Catton writes a perceptive account of the conflicts between the South and the North during the Civil War through depth description of a series of battles. In The Civil War, Catton argues that Slavery was one of the leading causes of the Civil War. Cotton picking was sensational, and it became one of the largest cash crops in the South. According to Catton, “in the beginning slavery was no great problem. It had existed all across colonial America, it died out in the North simply because it did not pay, and at the century, most Americans, North, and South alike, considered that eventually, it would go out of existence everywhere” (Catton 7). What made this possible to survive in the South was the invention of the Cotton Gin by Eli Whitney, “a device which made it possible for textile mills to use the short-staple cotton” (Catton 8). The cotton gin…

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