Essay on Analysis Of The Central Character Of Disney 's Film Zootopia

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Judy Hopps, the central character of Disney’s film Zootopia, believes in a world where anyone can be anything. Zootopia, according Judy, is a place where predators and prey can peacefully coexist and where she can freely follow her dreams of becoming a policewoman and easily “make the world a better place” (Zootopia 2016). Despite the fact that Judy is the first bunny to ever attempt to join the police force, Judy is steadfast in her hopes for her future and firmly believes that Zootopia will accept her own dreams as well as the dreams of others. But this is by no means the case. What Judy soon realizes is that the Zootopia she imagined is an illusion and lacks any sort of utopian characteristics. Instead of Zootopia becoming a place of opportunity, acceptance, and harmony, it is a place of hidden stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination that ultimately reflect the racial prejudices and segregation found in today’s society. Even though Zootopia is a children’s movie, it still brings to light many political and social issues, especially in regards to racial prejudices found through stereotypes and discriminatory means. Although Judy moves to Zootopia in hopes of escaping the degrading stereotypes found within her narrow minded hometown of Bunny Burrow where her only future is limited to following in her parent’s footsteps as carrot farmers, she immediately finds herself being labeled by almost everyone she encounters. Instead of being referred to as an officer or being…

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