Analysis Of The Bride Price By Buchi Emecheta

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Register to read the introduction… The amount of money that the family pays depends on the qualities of the girl. For example, “the educated girls fetch more money” thus the reason for Aku-nna’s continued schooling (75). When Aku-nna and Chike fall in love, they are faced with negativity from many people in Ibuza, not only their families. Chike is not seen as an eligible suitor for Aku-nna because of the fact that his father used to be a slave. Chike’s father advises against it at first and tells him “not to spoil the girl” and “warned him that he was sticking his neck out dangerously” (85,105). Despite the opposition that the couple faces, they are determined to get married some day and win the approval of their families. While, Ma Blackie and Chike’s father soon accept their relationship, it is mainly Okonkwo that refuses to give in. Okonkwo is concerned with his social status in the town and hopes to “receive the respected Eze title” and is fearful of what could happen should a member of his family marry a man who comes from a family of …show more content…
She is able to escape by lying and telling the man that she has slept with Chike, making her undesirable to him. In Nigerian culture as well as in many other cultures as well, such an act of sleeping with a man before marriage is seen as unacceptable and is frowned up. Other people that heard about what had happened would “repeat the accusing description of her as an empty shell” (140). Okonkwo was so infuriated at Aku-nna and what she had done, that he wanted to kill her. One of the superstitions in Ibuza was when one
“wished to get rid of someone who lived far away, [one] made a small doll in the exact image of the person and pierced the hear of the doll with a needle, or alternatively set it alight and allowed it to burn

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