Analysis Of The Book ' Wonderland ' Essay

1527 Words Apr 1st, 2016 7 Pages
Spiralling is all the Hatter can feel. When he decided to jump UP the rabbit hole, in search of Alice, he had no idea what to expect. The hole itself is pitch black. But there is a pin prick of light, which is progressively getting bigger as he tumbles farther up. Wonderland is in shambles, the Queen of Hearts destructing all happiness in her wake. The Snow Queen was living prosperously before the Queen of Hearts overthrew her. The only person who has ever been able to save Wonderland is Alice. Alice has not been around for at least 2 decades, but she is the only hope for Wonderland, and the Hatter has gone on a search to find her. He’s the only one able to leave (The Rabbit is on vacation, the little brat), hence why he’s taking quite the tumble currently. When he approaches the entrance, he feels a sudden burst of fresh air, and the blinding light of the earth. The Hatter looks like quite the spectacle in the mortal world. With his fiery, unruly hair and original garb, he stood out against the casually dressed. Poking his head out of the manhole (which used to be a tree way back when. Darn deforestation) he finds asphalt and a large metal contraption hurdling in his direction. “HEY GET OUT OF THE ROAD YOU IDIOT!” Exclaimed a rather hairy man, controlling what the Hatter would describe, a simply HUGEMONGOUS contraption. “Hello!” Exclaims the Hatter, scurrying to the man, who has now jumped out of the big rig. “Could you take me to Alice? I have to speak with her…

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