Analysis Of The Book ' Winter 's Bone ' By Daniel Woodrell Essay

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16 Year old Role Model

“Ree brunette and sixteen, with milk skin and abrupt green eyes, stood bare-armed in a fluttering yellow dress, face to the wind, her cheeks reddening as if smacked and smacked again”(Winter’s Bone 3). In Winter’s Bone, by Daniel Woodrell describes Ree of having “cheeks reddening as if smacked and smacked again”. He uses these words to describe her because, it foreshadows her struggles throughout the book. Reddening cheeks symbolize the obstacles Ree accepted to face. Ree’s role in the book demonstrates the image of being a role model. By taking care of the family at the age of sixteen, demonstrates that she is well mature above her years, and also fits the characteristic of a role model. Despite of Ree breaking the rules or the norm of her society, Ree show’s the image of a role model by going through hard obstacles at just sixteen years old.
Ree does break the rules, due to Ree choosing to break the rules, she does fall into hard obstacles she accepted to face. In the book, Ree finds out that her father, Jessup obtains a court date soon and not anyone achieved seeing him . She also learns that if he doesn’t show, her family will lose the house. After hearing the information about Jessup, Ree decides to go talk to her Uncle Teardrop. She shows the image of role model by going to someone she remains deathly mortified of. The response disappointed her, Teardrop acquired no information about her father. Since Ree couldn’t get any information from…

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