Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' This Republic Of Suffering '

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The book This Republic of Suffering illustrates the great deal of hardship the American Civil War brought upon not only the soldiers fighting the battles along with the generals and political officials at the front of the war but also how the civilians were affected. The book shows how people of this time dealt with death and how the death of so many young soldiers would change their lives forever. It is evident after reading this book that the war brought many struggles that the American people were not prepared for since they had never been involved in a war with this many casualties. The book starts by going over what a good death is how soldiers prepare for death and continues through to how the people left living were affected by the deaths of the Civil War.

In the summer 1861 at the First Battle of Bull Run both Northerners and Southerners expected the war to be quick and not last much past a couple of battles. Very quickly both sides would see that neither planned on backing down and this would be a war of a much larger magnitude than the world had ever seen to this point. Approximately 2.1 million northerners and 880,000 southerners took up arms in the Civil War making this a much larger scale war than either side anticipated and would cause a number of difficulties for both sides of the conflict. Disease was a huge issue during the war twice as many soldiers died as a result of disease than of battle wounds. Death was inevitable and many soldiers embraced death…

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