Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Year My Mother Came Back '

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Each mother/daughter relationship has its own unique qualities and quirks. There are many factors that contribute to the distinct flavor that characterizes the pair. Political status, economic status, race, home life, and marital status can all affect how the mother and daughter interact. The bond between Alice Eve Cohen and her mother Louise Cohen is analyzed in Cohen’s memoir, The Year My Mother Came Back. In her novel, the reader travels with Cohen through both her troubled past, emphasizing the time surrounding her mother’s cancer diagnosis, and through the trying present that, in some ways, brings her mother back to her years after her death. Another interesting dyad consists of Mildred Pierce and Veda Pierce from the 1945 film Mildred Pierce. The film showcases how the two have some serious relationship issues surrounding communication and trust, exacerbated by a stressful work environment for Mildred and the lack of a father figure for Veda. While both pairs showcase a unique mother/daughter dyad and each pair had at least one deeply troubled member, the communication level between the mother and daughter and relationship status of the mother differed immensely. These special dyads, while at times polar opposites, do have similar qualities. Cohen’s mother morphs into someone harsh, mean, vindictive, and unrecognizable, just like Veda, who turns against her mother. Even though it is not the same member of the dyad causing tension in each instance, the similarity…

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