Analysis Of The Book ' The Virginia Ratifying Convention ' And Dalton Trumbo 's ' Johnny Got His Gun '

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Writing Sample (synthesis essay of two works):

Democracy is glorified for its ability to bring power to the people and is viewed as a source of freedom and liberty; unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, all that is accomplished from this abstract idea is the reality of stagnation in government resulting in a lack of choice and oppression of citizens. Rather than providing a voice for individuals, the democratic process supports authority and their manipulation by placing them in the limelight and encouraging the spread of falsified ideas and brainwashing. In both Patrick Henry’s “Speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention” and Dalton Trumbo’s novel, Johnny Got His Gun, the supposed values of democracy are deconstructed and put through the critical lens of citizens. While Henry’s speech is very much focussed on the ways democracy falls short within the legislature, Trumbo illustrates the potency of propaganda when it is fed to citizens. The perspective of Joe Bonham, a soldier who has lost all his limbs and has little sensory input, is used as a symbol of the failures of democracy. Both sources describe methods in which the government seduces citizens into a false sense of security and safety, while misleading them into making commitments on the basis of abstract words. Through both these works, Trumbo and Henry have demonstrated that only the government and upper class benefits from democracy, but at the expense of the citizen’s freedom. It is indeed ironic how…

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