Analysis Of The Book ' The Tell Tale Heart ' Essay

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Watch out! Under your bed, in your closet, in your dreams and thoughts lie the monsters of the world. Monsters in human society play a big role in culture because they include all the deepest and darkest fears that cultivate in people’s minds to some of the happiest thoughts and desires. The definition of a monster can expand from being a large disgusting creature with copious amounts of teeth to an outcast who doesn’t fit in with society. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, a PhD graduate from Harvard University, created the seven theses of monsters which classifies and explains monsters fairly well. Edgar Allan Poe wrote the story titled “The Tell-Tale Heart” which tells the tale of a deranged man who kills an older man because of his heart and “Evil Eye”. The narrator of “The Tell-Tale Heart” is very strange and has been debated for a period of time whether the narrator is or isn’t a monster. Poe’s narrator doesn’t fit the criteria of a monster because he doesn’t avoid humans while facing society, his sanity made him confess to the murder of the old man. The narrator also lets the police have the ability to search his house and Poe’s narrator doesn’t represent a desire that anyone would wish to have.
Poe’s narrator doesn’t fit the criteria of a monster because he admits committing the murder of the old man which entitles the narrator as a murderer which is something a monster wouldn’t do. The reason that Poe’s narrator isn’t a monster is because of Cohen’s third thesis which states…

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