Analysis Of The Book ' The Raisin Of The Sun ' Essay

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Raisin in the Sun They live in a world where prejudice is frowned upon. The American community lives by the quote that “Every man is created equal”. Which in their country is true. Everyone has an equal opprotunity. Their country wasn’t always this way though. Not only divided by race but more pettily by gender. Now a days such thing is hardly heard of. What kind of gender roles did the Younger family have to battle back in the 1950’s Beneatha, the youngest woman of the family, had set big goals for herself. Possibly so big that back in that time period, merely impossible. In the story Walter says “Who the hell told you you had to be a doctor? If you so crazy ‘bout messing ‘round with sick people—then go be a nurse like other women—or just get married and be quiet…” (497,498, all page references are to the class text, A Raisin in the Sun). Beneatha sees being a doctor as her only way out, but all the odds are against her. In the 1950’s there is no such thing as a female doctor, wether they have the experience of not. Its just unheard of. Even Walter who is family of Beneatha and should be supporting her is against her. Beneatha wants to break free of this and not simply just “get married and be quiet”. She wants to recreate herself and be a successful woman. At the head of the family is Mama. Strange being that a man is typically supposed to be the one in charge. In the Younger family with the passing of their father, Mama, instead of Walter, took the…

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