Analysis Of The Book ' The Joy Luck Club ' Essay

1177 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
"Family is not everything, it is the most important thing" (Michael J. Fox). No matter where people go in the world people all have something in common: family. The book, The Joy Luck Club, is about four Chinese families who make the move to America. Along the way they are able to mix in the American culture with their own and discover similarities and differences between the two. This leads to conflict and disagreements within the families. The driving conflict within family relationships seen in The Joy Luck Club is also witnessed in current American family relationships in three distinctive ways: arranged marriage, values, and family roles. All across China arranged marriage is a popular thing, however it is not something Americans do. In rural parts of China, the most important entity that citizens are supposed to get out of a marriage is social class advancement. “A girl in China did not marry for love. She married for position, and my mother’s position, I later learned, was the worst” (Tan 254). Americans believe that independence is key and base relationships more off of emotional connection. It can take years to find the one, but when people do the wait is worth it. By doing that, people feel like the relationship will have the best foundation possible and would be able to stand a chance in the world. Not all people view this as the best way to get married. “Older generations in China believe that finding an emotional connection with someone is impractical and a…

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