Analysis Of The Book ' The Iliad ' Essay

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Achilleus or Hektor. That is the question.

Hektor, the great Trojan warrior, has more courage and patience than any other in his army. Achilleus, the best warrior of the Achaeans, attains more power and broad- mindedness than any of the the Greeks. In The Iliad by Homer, these two war heroes retain both similar and different traits. The two differ because Hektor follows the war code more than the Achilleus and additionally Achilleus was less prudent and more impulsive. Both exhibit similar qualities because they possess arrogant and successful personality trait. The first difference between Hektor and Achilleus is that Hektor is more honorable and heeded to the unspoken war where as Achilleus does not. An honorable action back in Ancient Greek times involved leaving the family at any time to fight in war. Instead of staying behind with his family, he departs to duel Achilleus even though fate stated he most likely would not prosper. “I would feel deep shame before the Trojans... if like a coward I were to shrink aside from the fighting.” (Iliad 4.117-119). Hektor contains a grand amount of intimacy to his soldiers because he is willing to leave his wife and kid to attempt to prosper. Homer is attempting to reveal the selfishness that Hektor contains. In contrast, Achilleus does not sacrifice himself for others. When Agamemnon begs him to return to war after the Achaean 's were struggling, Achilleus refuses. Achilleus’ hot-hotheadedness and pride overtakes him and causes…

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