Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Harry Potter '

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The Harry potter books/movies has been a very well liked and read/watched show, but have you ever stopped to actually consider the meaning and the overall bigger picture of these great magical stories? The Wands that each child gets to pick before entering Hogwarts represent their individual personality and character. Each magically inclined child has a wand that is compatable to fit his or her personality, and each wizard or witch 's wand is a part of their self. If you remember Harry spends a very long time in Mr. Ollivander 's shop, trying to find the perfect wand, That is because every wizard needs a wand that goes with how well he/she performs or works in order to do the best possible magic. It 's harder to do magic with someone else 's wand, and extremely hard to do magic without a wand at all. Each of the wand’s in Ollivander 's shop is absolutley one of a kind, and it is made with specific magical elements, each resulting in a unique combination. For example, Harry 's wand is made out of holly and the core of that wand is a phoenix feather (phoenixes symbolize rebirth, which could possibly show or mean that he – and also Voldemort – are hard to kill). Rowling herself explains: "Holly has certain connotations that were perfect for Harry, particularly when contrasted with the traditional associations of yew, from which Voldemort 's wand is made. European tradition has it that the holly tree (the name comes from 'holy ') repels evil, while yew, which can achieve…

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